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About mimimono

mimimono was born out of a love for design, geometry and sustainability. Easy to wear statement pieces in small collections. Made using only 100% recycled Acrylic. So no new plastics go in the designs. Creating circular, low impact playful minimalist jewellery.


mimimono is run by designer Hannah Kay from her studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A true one woman show, where everything is thoughtfully designed, lasercut and assembled by hand.

"l love geometry and playing with shapes and color. The fact that you can make all your scribbles come to life through the laser cutter keeps being an inspiration to me."

  - Hannah Kay

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what does mimimono mean?

Japan is a never ending source of inspiration. It's my favourite country in the world, my happy place. So when picking a name I wanted it to have a Japanese connection.

  In Japanese mimi means ear   

  and mono objects 物   

  making mimimono ear objects!  

Under the name ANO Studio I make Japanese inspired illustrations. You can check them out here.

blog article 

Find out more about the origin, inspiration and production proces behind mimimono Article in Dutch

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