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About mimimono

mimimono makes playfully minimalist jewellery and accessoires. Drawing inspiration from geometry and design to create unique pieces in small collections, so no over-stock and always a unique piece for you. 


mimimono is a true one woman show. Everything is designed and made by me. The same person who answers emails, wraps your order and most importantly does a funky dance when an order is placed.

Jewellery should be fun and easy to wear. I don’t want jewellery to obstruct me in daily life, but I do love a statement piece. Acrylic is super lightweight making mimimono extra easy to wear.


Everything is thoughtfully designed and lasercut in my Amsterdam studio. Using only 100% recycled Greencast® acrylic, meaning no new plastics go in the designs. Making the pieces circular and your purchase low impact. I use nickel free brass metal or stainless steel for the fastenings, so perfect for sensitive ears.


mimimono  |  Hannah Kay

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what does mimimono mean?

Japan is a never ending source of inspiration for me.

My favourite country in the world, my happy place. 

So when picking a name I wanted it to have a small Japanese connection.

  In Japanese mimi 耳 means ear  

  and mono 物 objects,  

  making mimimono ear objects!  

Under the name ANO Studio I make Japanese inspired illustrations. You can check them out here.