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Frequently asked questions

Wholesale purchasing

Nice to meet you! Thanks for reaching out and your interest in mimimono. If you send me an email at I will provide you with wholesale pricing. You can find more mimimono resellers here.

What does Greencast® mean?

Greencast® are Acrylic sheets made from 100% recycled pre- and post consumer acrylic waste. Pre-consumer waste is acrylic that was discarded before it was ready for consumer use, like manufacturing scraps. Post-consumer waste is Acrylic which has served it's duty and brought back to the factory to be recycled. I also collect all scraps in the studio to be recycled back into new sheets.

How is Greencast® made?

A bit of a technical story, but here goes! First scraps and offcuts of leftover Acrylic are put through a depolymerization process. This breaks down the molecular structure of the material and brings it into a liquid state. After this it get's distilled and we are left with R-MMA, the original monomer from which new sheets are made. So in turning old offcuts and leftover pieces into new sheets a circulair new Acrylic is created!

Do you make everything yourself?

Yes, this is a one women show! I sketch, design and make everything in my Amsterdam studio. With my lasercutter I cut out all the shapes from 100% recycled Acrylic sheets. After this is done I assemble everything myself. Every piece passes through my hands. I started out as a graphic designer, so I love to think about the whole brand image from the product itself to packaging, branding and photography.


mimimono ships domestically to The Netherlands as well as to all EU countries, the UK, the US, Canada, Japan, New Zealand & Australia. if you live somewhere else but would like to order don't hesitate to get in touch and I can work something out with you. More information on shipping can be found here.

Customs + import taxes

As the buyer you are responsible for any custom and import taxes that may apply in your country. Orders to The Netherlands and most EU countries are free of these taxes. However when you live outside of the EU taxes may apply.